Average child's wardrobe worth £1,600

Caroline Cassidy

How much do you spend on children's clothing? According to a new survey, the average British child owns 154 items of clothing – worth £1,600.


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Despite the recession, it seems many of us are able to find cash for designer kids' clothes.

And we're not just talking about pre-teens with their love of brand names. Research suggests that four out of 10 children are now dressed in designer clothes by the age of two.

Perhaps it's the influence of well dressed young celebs like Suri Cruise and Romeo Beckham, but the average parent buys more than 154 items for their child's wardrobe each year, adding up to £1,677 for clothes and £190 for shoes.

The survey of more than 1,000 parents of school-age children found that a quarter of parents feel guilty if they don't kit their kids out in the latest trends.

It also found that one in three parents said their children refused to wear hand-me-downs, while another third said they were concerned their child would be bullied if they didn't keep up with the latest styles.

Jacky Brown at Sheilas' Wheels home insurance, which carried out the poll, said: "It used to be kids who followed in their parents' footsteps but now it seems children are leading the way when it comes to keeping up with expensive fashion trends."

How much do you spend on kids' clothes – and do you see a problem with them wearing designer brands? Leave a comment below...