Movie news: Ron Howard for Lauda biopic, new Lambo for Batman

Despite the Hollywood's infatuation with the car chase there are surprisingly few great movies about motor racing.

For every Le Mans there's a Driven, and the best of the crop are almost exclusively documentaries which have managed to capture the heat, speed and passion of the sport.That could be about to change though with news that Ron Howard, the maestro of historical sentimentality, could be about to take charge of the Niki Lauda biopic, Rush.

The ginger haired helmsman has had his low points (Edtv and The Da Vinci Code spring to mind) but the epic battle between Lauda and Brit hero, James Hunt could certainly have a worse chronicler than the man who directed Apollo 13 and Cinderella Man.

If California's dream factory has so far failed on the track, it has achieved great things on the road. The heist movie has delivered some of cinemas finest moments, and the current standardbearer is temperamental Fast and Furious franchise.

The most recent installment has proved so successful that Universal Pictures has confirmed that Fast Five will spawn a sixth sequel. Expect Vin Diesel and every other out-of-work cast member to reassemble quicker than you can shout 'scatter'.

Finally, there's the eagerly anticipated, The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan's third Batman flick. Normally we'd be banging on about the new Batmobile, but in this case it's Bruce Wayne's ride which is getting all the attention.

Someone on the set of the latest film has revealed pictures of the new Lamborghini Aventador wearing Gotham City numberplates on the forums.

What better replacement for the Murcielago he sacrificed in The Dark Knight? Lets hope this one gets an easier life.
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