Nissan goes ballistic with future predictions

We are all used to car companies boasting about floods of new models, but we haven't anything like this before. Nissan says that, for the next five years, it will introduce a new model every six weeks.

The plan, called Nissan Power 88, sounds a bit like an American muscle car (there used to be an Oldsmobile Dynamic 88), and like American muscle cars, it has lots of impressive numbers.
By 2016, Nissan says it will be the biggest manufacturer of light commercials in the world (bigger than the Ford Transit?) and it will take eight percent of the world market. Oh, and Infiniti will grow from 150,000 cars a year to 500,000 a year.

"Nissan Power 88 is a demanding business plan, but our company has a proven track record of achieving challenging objectives," said boss Carlos Ghosn.

They certainly don't come any more demanding that this one.
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