Forgotten your password? You're not alone!

Caroline Cassidy

Do you struggle to remember all your various passwords for online log-ins and PIN numbers for your bank cards? Don't worry – it's not (necessarily) a sign of old age.

Password box for online site
Password box for online site

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We Brits have to remember 10 passwords a day on average. Unsurprisingly, most of us struggle to remember them all. The result? As many as one in three of us write down our passwords (never a good idea) to avoid forgetting them, while half of us use the same password for everything we do online.

That's the finding of a survey by online payments firm Skrill. They asked 1,000 people about their online habits and found that passwords for online banking sites were the most difficult to remember.

Martin Ott, the company's executive director, said: "Passwords, PINs and codes go a long way to help protect people.

"Consumers may find it annoying to be constantly asked to prove who they are, but unfortunately there will always be scammers out there attempting to trick people into handing over their hard-earned cash."

And while it may be easy to base your password or PIN code around personal information – such as your date of birth or pet's name – security experts warn these are easy for experienced fraudsters to work out.

So what should you do to keep your information secure? You could always try mixing up the letters of a familiar word with a particular website, say the experts.

For example, if you wanted to use the word 'shopping' for Tesco's site, then your password could be 'tesshoppcoeing'. Now, doesn't that sound easy to remember?

Do you have trouble remembering your passwords or do you have a system in place? Leave a comment below...