Daytime Running Lights could cost hundreds to fix

From February of this year, Daytime Running Lights have been mandatory across Europe – basically higher powered sidelights which will always be lit.

A lot of cars will use some very fancy LED lights in very complex shapes – "eyebrows" and hollow circles are going to be popular. So far, so good – they are going to increase safety and look cool.
Unless they going wrong. In an interview with, UK aftermarket lighting specialist Astra Automotive has warned that a lot of the new designs are going to be sealed units, designed as part of the headlights.

Thus, if the low-power LED eventually wears out, the entire lighting unit may have to be changed. That could be hundreds of pounds rather than a couple of quid down at Halfords.

Nowadays adverts for older cars often make a point of mentioning that the cambelt has been changed. In five years, will we see adverts saying "LED lights recently replaced"?
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