Video: Polestar C30 may never make the Top Gear track

The famous 400bhp Polestar Volvo C30, which whipped a Focus RS and Subaru Impreza Cosworth on Top Gear, may never set a lap on the show's test track, the boss of the tuning firm has revealed.

Despite requests from the BBC show's producers to be lent a production model to put in the hands of The Stig so he/she/it can set a lap on the Top Gear track, Polestar has been unable to send a car. And now it looks like it may never happen... for the C30 at least.
"Cars have to be production models to set a lap and as yet we don't have one ready," Polestar marketing chief Hans Baath exclusively told Autoblog.

"The car is going into limited production run, but I don't think we'll send one to Top Gear – we've got something special up our sleeves for that instead.

"Just as long as they don't break that one like they did with the C30. They crashed it the night before filming and we had to work through the night to repair it. That was a long night.

"When we came up with the idea for the C30 our goal was to get it on Top Gear. The publicity from it has been incredible. I was driving one in America for a photoshoot and a guy came up and started chatting to me about it as he'd recognised it from the show."

Polestar offers official tuning upgrades for Volvo models. Upgrades are installed at dealers and normally add around 50Nm of torque and 20bhp via plug-in software which tweaks the engine management.

It's likely the next car to be given the full-on Polestar treatment, like the C30 tested by Top Gear, will be the S60. The T6 engine is already pretty potent – producing 304bhp and 439Nm of torque. If the Polestar outfit tinker with it in the same way as they did with the C30, the S60 could have more than 500bhp and 650Nm of torque.

"The S60/V60 needs to get our treatment – it's a very popular model for Volvo and sells well," added Baath.

Polestar wants to be seen as a tuning house which can produce its own performance models for Volvo, like M is to BMW or AMG to Mercedes.

"We could build low production models for Volvo or the manufacturer has a special vehicles unit, which builds emergency cars and the like, which could also build Polestar specials," said Baath.

"There have been no official decisions yet, but we're ready. We could start tomorrow. We're just waiting for the day you can buy the little blue Polestar badge that goes on the back of our cars on eBay – when that happens we'll know we've made it!"

The new series of Top Gear begins tonight (26 June 2011) on BBC2, 8pm.
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