Video: Close call for spectators as Corner misses his bend

What's in a name? Well, quite a lot if your name's Andy Corner and you misjudge one on a rally to send spectators scattering in all directions.

The ironically-named Mr Corner was competing on stage 14 of the Rally of the Midlands when he made the error that sent his Peugeot 205 careering off the road towards a group of fans that included children.
The incident occurred on a section of the stage where a 90 degree corner had been introduced this year; previously competitors had driven straight on. Corner said he was driving too fast on the approach to the bend, which included a blind brow.

When he reached the brow and realised he wasn't going to make it round the corner, he found the escape road was blocked by a private car. Swerving to avoid that obstacle, Corner flew over the brow across wet grass towards the spectators.

"I am still shocked," Corner told Motorsport News after the rally. "I can handle having an accident but when you have kids involved it gets very frightening."
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