Video: amazing mirage of 'ghost city' appears over river in China

Ceri Roberts

An incredible mirage of a 'ghost city' has appeared along the Xin'an River in Huanshan City in East China. Scroll down to see the video!

Tall buildings, mountains and trees have appeared out of thin air - there is usually nothing but sky visible across the horizon.

The mirage appeared last week at dusk, following heavy rainfall and humid conditions.

Experts say that mirages are common in humid weather when moisture in the air becomes warmer than the temperature of water below it and refracts rays of sunlight to create reflections in the sky.

The patterns are usually blurred and shimmering with a resemblance to human structures, but this one would be the clearest mirage ever recorded.

Local residents say they they have never seen anything like it and some even believe that it could be a 'vortex' to a lost civilisation.

"It's really amazing, it looks like a scene in a movie, in a fairyland," said one resident.

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