Alonso: Second place is the maximum

Second-placed Fernando Alonso had his home crowd cheering wildly in the stands at Valencia as if he had actually won the eighth race of the season.

Paying tribute to race winner Sebastian Vettel, the Spanish driver said: "Second place is the maximum these days, but to finish sandwiched between two Red Bulls is a good result for us."
Team-mate Felipe Massa secured fifth place in Valencia, and two-time world champion Alonso was very satisfied with Ferrari's result.

"Our two cars finished in the top five. We are on the right track. We just have to get closer to Red Bull."

The Scuderia may have been half a second down on top team Red Bull in qualifying, but Ferrari have halved the gap during the course of the season.

Throwing down a challenge to championship leader Vettel, Alonso told Autoblog: "We will not give up until we are back in front. We will go on pushing. Victory is our goal."
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