Amazing video captures moment shark jumps surfer in Florida

Ruth Doherty

Amazing footage of a 4ft spinner shark jumping out of the water right next to a surfer has been captured in Florida.

The surfer in question was happily unaware of the huge shark showing off his jumping skills as he caught waves off New Smyrna Beach.

The incredible images were caught by award-winning photographer Jacob Langston.

Mr Langston caught the moment on a GoPRo HD camera when he was chest-deep in inlet waters, reported the Orlando Sentinel.

But he was not anticipating it as his focus was actually on the foreground and he did not see the moment while he was filming.

A surfer reportedly asked him after it happened: 'Dude! Did you see that? A four-foot spinner shark just jumped over a surfer.'

According to the Chicago Tribune, it was only later back in his office while editing his video that Jacob realised what he had captured in the background.

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