Vettel: Ferrari not quite as strong as expected

Sebastian Vettel talks to Autoblog UK about his latest pole position, the race in Valencia and the controversy surrounding the regulations.

Sebastian, you must be taking some satisfaction from the fact that all those people who were whingeing about engine mapping will be feeling a bit deflated now?Sebastian Vettel: No, there's no gloating going on here. You just have to filter out these comments and concentrate on your own priorities. Qualifying is a serious business, and you can't afford to let these criticisms get to you. The main thing is focus on your car and your lap. Right from the start, I never understood what all the fuss was about anyway. It is a backwards step for all of us, but if it's the same for everyone, we have nothing to fear.

Your hot lap was great, and it looks like the second would have been even faster...
Yes, the second lap was going slightly better at that point, but then I lost it slightly, and so I said to myself: Okay, let's stop and save the tyres.

Though you did fit a set of fresh tyres towards the end. Weren't you sure that your fast lap would be enough?
No, we weren't. Otherwise we wouldn't have gone out on track again. Everyone was improving their times in Q3, and if we'd been completely certain, we would have stayed in the box. We're in for a long race tomorrow, but it's always easier to pull away if you're at the front of the grid. So far, our starts have been pretty good. It's a relief that Fernando [Alonso] is back in fourth place – I had been expecting Ferrari to be a bit stronger. In recent races, the Ferrari starts have been phenomenal. I hope that the Reds won't be springing any nasty surprises on the first corner.
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