Video: New 444bhp BMW M3 CRT too much for UK buyers

Whether it's the E46 CSL or the E92 GTS, special editions of the BMW M3 are as desirable as an invite to ladies night at Charlie Sheen's house.

So we already know that the latest addition - the four-door 444bhp M3 CRT - will almost certainly be brilliant. The bad news is that it's not for us.
The bean counters at BMW GB have decided that because the M3 saloon does so little business in the UK (everyone buys the coupe or the convertible) there's really no space for a six-figure version of the car in the range.

That may make sense from a fusty business point of view, but it's likely to draw a huge sigh of disappointment from the nation's enthusiasts. Especially when they see the spec.

The M3 CRT (Carbon Racing Technologies) is, as the name suggests, intended to showcase the firm's advances in carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP).

By 2013 the manufacturer expects CFRP to enter volume production where it will be used for the bodywork of the i3 and i8, but in the CRT BMW has used it to shave around 70kg in weight.

However, unlike the GTS coupe, the CRT is not a stripped-out model. BMW has retained a high level of standard kit, including sat nav and a premium stereo system.

Improved performance is guaranteed by the 4.4-litre V8 engine in its 444bhp guise. Thanks to the upgraded unit the CRT is half a second quicker to 62mph than the regular M3 saloon.

BMW also insists that the car is more agile thanks to the weight reduction at the front, and has fitted stiffer suspension to exploit a more hardcore attitude.

The new model will be shown in the build up to this weekend's Nurburgring 24-hour race but we've tracked down an early video of the beauty. Click below to see everything we're missing.

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