Hairstyle ideas for your wedding

Caroline Cassidy

Already chosen your dream wedding dress? Now's the time to think about how to style your hair for the big day...

Wedding hairstyles
Wedding hairstyles

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Which hairstyle you go for will depend largely on your chosen gown. For instance, a fitted gown may be best complimented by a chic, elegant style while a long flowing dress is well suited to soft, cascading curls. When visiting your stylist, take a photo of the dress with you so that he/she can give you some advice and wear a white shirt with a similar neckline to allow you to see how the style might look on the big day.

Long styles
Long locks offer plenty of choice when it comes to styling and it's an idea to try various dos with your stylist. If your gown is a strapless or spaghetti-strapped dress, long loose curls will capture the romance of the day. Long hair that tends to look flat can always be given some height with a clip-in hair piece. A half-up do works particularly well if you are wearing a tiara. Alternatively, for a dress that is more elegant and chic, a smooth, moulded 1940s style may suit.

Brides who have opted for a halter-neck or V-neck dress should allow the detail to be seen without the interference of long, flowing locks. But don't be tempted to scrape the hair back in a tight bun - a loose chignon, French braid or ponytail pulled to the side can still give you the romantic look while showing off your neck.

Short styles
Though it may not the versatility of long hair, a short cut can still provide romantic curls or be chic and modern. A short crop or bob, for instance, can beautifully accentuate strong features while a Vidal Sassoon-style point haircut with strong angles is perfect for a chic fitted gown.

Curls can always be added, of course, though you may want to consider waves rather than ringlets to soften the do and a mid-length style also works well half-up.

Another excellent way to 'dress up' a short hairstyle is to add accessories - a low tiara, headband embroidered with silk flowers or crystal-encrusted hair clips can add that little extra sparkle while flowers in the hair are the ultimate in fairytale romance.

Whatever style you choose you'll need to be confident in your stylist's abilities, so make time to try out a few options - and don't be afraid to take in a photo from a magazine to show them exactly how you want it to look. And don't forget to schedule in a few practise runs before the big day!