Video: Seven-year old steals car and drives 20 miles

It seems that joyriders are getting younger in the USA, as Police in Huron County, Michigan caught a 7-year-old boy who'd stolen a car and drove 20 miles at high speed.

The alarm was raised by the authorities at around 10am, when witnesses spotted a pint-sized driver peering over the steering wheel of a Pontiac Sunfire.
It appears that the boy, who was barefoot and dressed in just pyjamas, stole his stepfather's car from his Mum's house while she slept and his stepdad was out. According to the Police, he was on a high speed mission to see his Dad in Filion, about 12 miles away.

What's more impressive, is that despite the fact he was using the accelerator and steering wheel whilst standing up, he was able to reach speeds of up to 70mph through town and a two-lane road.

He was eventually stopped on a rural road where the Police boxed the car in to pull him over. Prosecutors are now trying to figure out how the boy knew how to drive and whether to file charges.

Check out a video of the action below:

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