And the sunniest place in Britain is....

Looking for a holiday in the sun? Then Bognor Regis is your place!

The resort may not be known as the most glamorous place to holiday but it's Britain's answer to the Costa Del Sol.

According to the Met Office, West Sussex has been officially recognised as being the sunniest in Britain.

After studying weather patterns from the past 29 years, the Met Office calculated that West Sussex gets 1,902 hours of sunshine every year - and Bognor Regis is the area's most popular holiday resort.

The town is perhaps best known for hosting the annual Birdman Event (see below), where daredevils leap off the pier in home-made flying machines. It is also home to a Butlin's resort.

But while Bognor may get the most sunshine, it's not the warmest place in Britain. That honour goes to the Isles of Scilly, which have an average yearly temperature of 9.4C.

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