Video: Travis Pastrana features scantily clad models - aged 66 and a third

Tom Webster

Promoting car events always comes tinged with a touch of glamour, and this often comes in the form of scantily clad ladies. Ken Block knows this and has often used it to good effect, notably when publicising his 2011 schedule where he paraded the Monster girls in front of his WRC Ford Fiesta.

Now Travis Pastrana, Block's rival in this year's X Games, has chosen to reveal his Subaru WRX STi livery in a manner that pokes a little fun at his fellow driver. He too features bikini-wearing ladies, using the Hot Chicks + Cool Cars = Maximum Views title, but his companions are a little more mature than Block's.

The NASCAR driver uses the same production company as Block for his short, and also lists what he is up to this year, but says he is "Busier than Block" and includes "Getting married" and "Hanging out with Hillbiligans".

Check out the short below.