Love cheat car fans should avoid Wales

It would appear that if you plan on cheating on your other half and value your car then you are best off not living in Wales as the ladies there are the most vengeful when wronged.

According to a survey by Autoglass, 67 percent of the womenfolk there would seek revenge if their other half strayed, and a third of those would head to their errant partner's vehicle to hit them where hurts most. The areas next most likely to take their lead from Tiger Wood's ex (that's his battered Cadillac above) are the West and East Midlands, while those most likely to leave the wheels alone are from East Anglia.
Across the UK the figure is thankfully a little lower, as just one in 10 women would attack a former loved-ones motor, with more than a quarter saying they would ruin the paintwork, while 13 percent would vow to slash the tyres. A further nine percent say they would go for a full-on windscreen smash – presumably those are the ones that Autoglass would most like to know the addresses of...

Matthew Mycock, managing director of Autoglass, said: "Clearly, the vast majority of Britons are prepared to take revenge if their other half is unfaithful – and cars are one of the things which are likely to bear the brunt of their anger.

"Vehicle Vengeance is a very real threat with women saying they are determined to target what is most precious to their partner to get their own back if he cheats. Men who are tempted to stray should think twice – especially if they love their cars!"
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