Ellie Goulding gets sunburnt in Miami

Ceri Roberts

Singer Ellie Goulding has been in Miami for the last few days - and judging by these pictures she's been spending a bit too much time in the sun.

As well as sore-looking tan lines on her thighs, the singer looked a little bit pink on her shoulders, arms and tummy.

Ellie flew to Miami on Wednesday to play at a party hosted by Sir Richard Branson to celebrate 25 years of Virgin Atlantic flying to the Florida city.

After performing at his party at the Versace mansion, Ellie slipped into a blue and white striped bikini and took some time to relax by the pool.

Earlier in the week she was photographed taking a tumble off a segway as she went for a ride along the beach. She fell off the electric vehicle into the sand, but she saw the funny side and burst out laughing before taking a bow.

It looks like she had a great break, but next time we'd recommend some SPF30.

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