UK still facing drought despite wettest week in four months

Britain is still facing a drought despite the wettest week in more than four months.

Central and eastern England have only had half the rainfall for June and monsoon-like deluges have not been enough to raise river levels after the bone-dry spring.

But Glastonbury and Wimbledon are still set to be a washout.

Forecaster Jonathan Powell, of Positive Weather Solutions, told the Express: 'We would need to see at least two to three months of above-average rainfall to claw things back to where we should be, there is still a very long way to go.'

The downpours have played havoc with sporting schedules making the going wet for racegoers at Royal Ascot and threatening to put a dampener on the tennis at Wimbledon, which starts on Monday, and the Glastonbury festival.

Tens of thousands of people heading to both events have been warned to expect 'wet and windy' weather.

The Met Office's Andy Page said: 'Unfortunately, after several years of mainly dry Wimbledon fortnights, this year's tournament is likely to see more unsettled conditions with rain at times.'

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