Gift ideas for Father's Day

Caroline Cassidy

Father's Day is on Sunday June 19 so it's time to show dad just how much you love and appreciate him. If you're stuck for ideas though, here are a few to get you started...

Gifts for Father's Day
Gifts for Father's Day

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Sports fans
If dad is a sports lover, you're in luck because the range of gifts on offer is extensive - from golfing breaks and motor racing experiences to football stadium tours and the sport of kings, it's easy to spoil the sports fan.

But if your budget won't stretch to the ultimate sporting experience, consider something a little easier on the wallet. A Commemorative Book (£45), featuring football news from the newspaper archives, will keep him engrossed for hours and can be tailored to whichever team he supports. Or treat a golf enthusiast to an Executive Golf Putting Set (£29.95), so no matter where he is, your dad can keep practicing his stroke.

There are plenty of ideas for tech-obsessed fathers too - for the hard-working dad, trapped in the office, a Diddy Desktop Coffee Maker (£16.95) can provide a welcome beverage boost. This handy little filter coffee maker allows you to brew a single cup (or two if you're really in need) giving caffeine-lovers a wake-up without taking regular trips to the kitchen.

At the pricier end of the market, the Messless Charging Station (£49.95) means he can charge all his existing gadgets and gizmos without creating a tangled web of wires and searching endlessly for that lost charger. If it's the hammer or screwdriver that's always going missing, then the Kelvin.23 Multifunction Hand Tool (£22.95) is the gift to get - it's the Swiss Army Knife of household tools and means picture-hanging and flat-pack assembly can be accomplished without tearing the garage apart in the search for tools.

Unusual and humorous
Of course, your dad doesn't need expensive toys, gadgets or gifts to know you care - a good laugh will do just as well. For example, for just £9.99 the book 101 Things To Do in a Shed could bring hours of happiness and the excuse he needs to enjoy some me-time. Or tap into the very male pastime of barbequing with the handy, portable Fire Bucket BBQ (£29.99)... because every man loves a grill. And for just £11.99 you can give your dad peace of mind with a Wine Lock to which only he knows the combination - he'll soon find it's an invaluable piece of kit.