Batman gets his own F1 car for the stage

Batman has had a series of enviable cars as his official Batmobile over the years, but the latest one looks like it should be one of the quickest given its Formula 1 inspired styling and materials.

However, this one won't be that rapid, as this one is the destined for the stage production starring the comic-book character, Batman Live.
The car's creator, Professor Gordon Murray, knows a thing or two about quick cars – he is the man behind the McLaren MP4-12C and has designed several F1 cars.

"It's based on Formula 1 aerodynamics and materials but as I see them in say 15-20 years time," said Prof Murray.

"I've invented a new type of carbon fibre for the structure, which breathes and it's got ground-effect aerodynamics so it has lots of downforce for high-speed cornering like a racing car."

He says the car is also powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, with no emissions other than water, although the wheels might need a bit of looking at if the car is ever to make it to the road – they are just a set of LED lights to imply movement on stage.

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