Budget airlines hike baby fares

Caroline Cassidy

The cost of a holiday abroad is expensive enough but parents of young children will be dismayed to hear that they will be charged an adult ticket price even for babes in arms.

Budget airlines baby fares
Budget airlines baby fares

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Industry analysts have today revealed that budget airlines have increased ticket prices for little ones by up to a third and even babies that don't have their own seat are charged the full ticket price.

The research, by travelsupermarket.com, found that the majority of cheap airlines charge for infants under two years old, whether of not they are carried by a parent.

Both easyJet and Jet2 have hiked up the price of these tickets from £15 to £20 each way and Ryanair, currently offering adult flights from just £9.99 each way, charge a minimum of £20 each way for babies.

It is further bad news for families struggling to save enough money to take a break this summer. Many are ditching the package holiday idea and organising their own flights, hotels and transfers in order to save money.

But for the budget airlines, who are fighting to cope with ever-increasing fuel bills, charging for infants is yet another way to of manipulating prices.

Add the check-in fees, fuel and baggage charges to the price of a family travelling abroad and all of a sudden those bargain offers don't look quite so sweet.

As a result experts have warned parents looking to book cheap flights this summer to double check the small print.

What do you think? Would you prefer to see the all-in price when you book a flight rather than face those compulsory extras the budget airlines are so keen on? Leave a comment below...