Autoblog to take on Bangers4BEN challenge

Banger rallies: The art of travelling as far as possible in a car that costs as little as possible. They're usually a recipe for disaster but also a huge amount of fun too – at least that's what we hope, as Autoblog has just signed up for one!

Later this year we'll be joining 31 other teams taking part in Bangers4BEN, a 1,700-mile road trip organised by Car Dealer Magazine in aid of motor industry charity BEN.

The rules are simple - find a car for less than £500, drive it to the home of supercar maker Ferrari and back again, then sell it in a charity auction.

We are currently searching for a scrapheap dodger that will make the journey – which takes place from October 8-11 - and want something big, comfortable and reasonably economical.

The event starts at Dover where we'll drive 474 miles to Broug-en-Bresse, France. On day two we'll head across the Alps (or through it, depending on the weather), to Maranello where Ferrari have even arranged accommodation for participants.

Day three starts with a tour of the Galleria Ferrari – the manufacturer's museum that's home to some vintage cars from the world of F1 as well as models from the marque's range over the years. We're looking forward to that immensely!

After that we'll head back to Broug-en-Bresse where we'll be staying on the final night before making the journey back to Dover on the last day. When we get back our car will be entered into a special auction alongside all the other competitors' vehicles and the money raised from their sale will go straight to BEN.

The events have raised more than £25,000 for BEN in the last two years and this year the entry list is the biggest it's ever been. There are only two problems we can foresee: The first is finding a car, the second is the first day is fancy dress...

You will be able to follow Autoblog's hunt for a car and follow us as we take on the Bangers4BEN challenge later this year. In the meantime, if you've spotted a suitable car we'd love to hear from you – post your suggestions below and we'll take a look.
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