UK flights severely hit by Greek strike

Strikes are hitting all flights in and out of Greece today as a public sector workers stage another walk- out in protest at deep government cuts.

UK holidaymakers are being told to expect flight cancellations and severe delays on flights out of the country as well as internal flights.

Greek sea and air travel will also grind to a halt.

Thousands of protestors are taking streets of Athens over the next 24 hours to express their unhappiness about the government's budget cuts in a bid to secure European bail out funds for the country's ailing economy.

This is the third public sector strike staged to protest about the cuts, each one temporarily paralysing the travel and tourism industries in the country.

Easyjet said it expected 'significant disruption' to flights to Greece.

The carrier also said there is a possibility of some disruption out of Sharm el-Sheikh today and tomorrow due to the eruption of Volcano Nabro in the north east African nation of Eritrea late on Sunday following a series of earthquakes.

The ash cloud is heading towards Israel where authorities said it was still too early to say whethe it would cause disruption to flights.

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