Mercedes-Benz World to stage power slide record attempt

Watching serious power sliding is a little like being a spectator at professional darts or championship snooker; something very technically difficult is being made to look very easy right in front of your eyes.

Of course there's a bit more noise and tyre smoke trackside, but that's part of the fun. There's certainly going to be a lot a Brooklands this weekend, where a Mercedes demo driver plans to stage an attempt at the longest power slide world record.
Mauro Calo will need to complete 12 laps of the Mercedes-Benz World circuit in continuous drift if he's to break the current record of 8000ft.

That will mean about four minutes of 55mph sideways action on a track not much wider than the car is long.

According to Autocar magazine, where Calo occasionally works as a spare driver, the car of choice will either be an E63 or a C63 - both more than capable of keeping the wheels spinning in third gear.

The facilities at Mercedes-Benz World make it well worth a visit on any sunny afternoon, but almost two miles worth of power sliding should make it the only place in Surrey to be this weekend.
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