Video: World's worst marshalls fail to prevent massive rallying crash

At the end of almost any motor race, the drivers will go around waving to the marshalls on the warm down lap, even if they have done nothing more than wave the odd flag when someone is trying to lap a slower car.

They wave because when someone crashes, they have the ability to save lives by preventing further carnage. That's where these marshalls went wrong when a car had a big off on a rally forest stage and catapults through the air.
This crash was just one of those things, and there was nothing the chaps at the side of the road could do to prevent it. However there really should have been more done afterwards than just shoving out a little orange triangle and leaving one person to wave at the oncoming cars through the dust. The result is sadly predictable as a second car comes barrelling through and takes off in a similar manner to the first.

According to the video's owner on YouTube, everyone got out of the cars unscathed, but no thanks to the marshalls.

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