Caught on camera: the moment tornado makes 'direct hit' on cruise ship

A photograph has caught the moment a 300ft tornado of water appears to make a hit on a cruise ship off the coast of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Fortunately for the passengers, the powerful tornado connected with the surface of the water close to the ship, giving the appearance it had struck the vessel.

Generated by huge grey clouds, passengers in the luxury liner had headed straight for the eye of the storm to take pictures.

But as the vessel sailed towards it, another identical spout appeared just a few hundred feet away - forcing the boat to make a quick U-turn.

Stormchaser Daniel Pavlinovic captured the amazing pictures from the safety of dry land.

Mr Pavlinovic, who has chased storms in his native Croatia for six years, told the Daily Mail: 'The waterspout emerged from huge stormy cumulonimbus clouds that developed above the sea near the coast.

'It had been a very unstable day weather-wise and I wasn't surprised to see them spring up so close to land.

'At first the yacht headed straight for the waterspout - I assume to take some beautiful photos - but they quickly turned around when another developed really close to them.'

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