BBC gets 700 complaints over F1-induced Antiques Roadshow delay

The BBC has received more than 700 complaints from furious antiques fans after Antiques Roadshow was postponed due to the abnormally long rain delay in Sunday's Formula 1 race and the over-running coverage that resulted.

The Antiques Roadshow was due to air at 8.15pm, after the end of the race, but the action in Canada was still going at 10pm. Only at 9pm did the coverage switch to BBC2 from its BBC1 starting point, but fans of trinket valuations missed out on their weekly fix entirely.
More than 8 million people watched Jenson Button storm from the back of the pack on more than one occasion before sensationally overtaking Sebastian Vettel on the final lap of the race to claim victory.

But even though we were treated to arguably one of the greatest races the motor sport has ever seen in the last twenty years, this was not enough for fans of Fiona Bruce and her team of valuers (of which there are supposedly up to 7 million). One said: "I'm disgusted family shows should be treated with such disregard.

"Instead of Roadshow we were left staring at pundits standing in the rain for hours on end."

The BBC defended its decision, saying: "It was not possible to predict exactly when the race would resume."
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