Video: Mugen Honda CR-Z makes first video appearance

The Honda CR-Z is a good-looking car, but the hybrid powertrain left us a bit cold when we drove it as the performance doesn't fulfil the promises made by the coupe's styling.

This is precisely why we are looking forward to Mugen's take on the CR-Z so much, and the first video of the supercharged creation has done nothing to dampen our anticipation.
It looks even better than the standard model, making good use of that rakish styling with, among other things, a massive spoiler lower ride height and smart set of alloy wheels. But best of all, it sounds great too with the same 1.5-litre hybrid engine of the standard car now developing a decent 197bhp. Honda says this should help it get to 60mph in a similar time to the no-longer built Civic Type R - around 6.6 seconds.

Despite all this boost in power, Honda reckons the Mugen CR-Z will still do around 50mpg when driven sensibly. Sounds about perfect to us.

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