Video: DeLorean monster truck not even best bit of epic beer advert

Nic Cackett

You wouldn't think beer commercials need to be cool - the product is already a frosted glass away from being the best part of your day - but the truth is that brand positioning is pretty much critical if you want to shift copious amounts of lager in a cut-throat and overcrowded market.

Inevitably what drew us to this slice of Aussie brilliance was the unmistakable DeLorean monster truck powering the Hahn Super Dry conveyor belt, but in actual fact the car is just one brief moment in a comical cavalcade of spot-on beer production moments.

The powers that be will probably cull alcohol advertising the same way they did for tobacco in the next twenty years so suck down some frothy frivolity while you've got the chance. Click below to watch.