Button keeps Canadian win as stewards take no action

Jenson Button will retain his Canadian Grand Prix victory after it was confirmed that he will face no further action from the stewards for his involvement in two separate incidents in the rain-affected race on Sunday.

The former world champion made contact with Lewis Hamilton when his McLaren team mate tried to overtake him on the straight following turn 13 on lap seven, and later when he took the inside line while trying to pass Fernando Alonso.
Both accidents were deemed to be a 'racing incident' meaning Button escaped any punishment for his part in them. Both Hamilton and Alonso were eliminated from the race following the accidents.

The stewards' statement for the Alonso knock, on lap 44, said that the Spaniard's Ferrari was on an out lap having just pitted.

"Car 4 (Button) appeared to be firmly established on the inside line prior to the entry of the corner and drove onto the kerb to avoid Car 5 (Alonso) on the outside," said the stewards.

"In view of the conditions and the statements by both drivers and their team representatives, the Stewards decide that this was a "racing incident" and have taken no further action."

The Hamilton accident, to which Button reacted furiously on his radio at the time, shouting "What is he doing?" was also classified as a racing incident. The officials concluded that Lewis had an overtaking opportunity as he was travelling faster of the two following a slight error from Jenson in the corner.

Although they reckoned Jenson had looked in his mirror, he did so at a time when he would not have been able to see his team mate, and continued to move towards the usual racing line. The stewards drew a line under the crash by saying:

"It was reasonable for Hamilton to believe that Button would have seen him and that he could have made the passing manoeuvre. Further, the Stewards have concluded that it is reasonable to believe that Button was not aware of Hamilton's position to his left. Therefore, the Stewards decide that this was a "racing incident" and have taken no further action."
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