Video: Huge crash sends McNish out of Le Mans in first hour


Double Le Mans-winner Allan McNish has crashed out of Le Mans after less than an hour after he collided with a Ferrari after the pitlane exit and near the Dunlop Bridge.

McNish's car rolled over after it hit the barrier and ended up on his roof but he was able to walk away from the accident after the marshals had righted the car.

Allan McNish crash at Le Mans 2011

Allan McNish crash at Le Mans 2011

The Scot was driving past the pitlane exit when the Luxury Racing Ferrari 458 Italia driven by Anthony Beltoise rejoined the track. The two cars touched and McNish, who was travelling at some speed, was sent spinning into the barriers.

Beltoise has managed to rejoin the race but suffered body damage and had do a full lap to get back to the pits.

McNish was sharing the #3 Audi of the Audi Sport North America team with Tom Kristensen and Rinaldo Capello, both of whom had yet to drive the car. Capello said after the crash: "It was a big shock for everybody, I've got a mix of emotions. Now we are just waiting for Allan. When I see him I will be more relaxed. Now I've forgotten about the result of the race, I'm just waiting for him."

The crash can be seen in the video below (German commentary) but more information as we get it. Follow the race live here

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