iPhone apps you never knew you needed

Since smartphones exploded onto the gadgets scene, creative people from every corner of the globe have been rushing to devise the next must-have app. Whether you need information, advice or are just plain bored, there's an app to help. Here are a few of the weird and wonderful apps you never knew you needed.

Best iPhone apps
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There's nothing worse than downing a giant-sized fizzy drink at the cinema and rushing to the toilet, only to find you've missed the first kiss, the whodunnit reveal or the big plot twist. Worry no more - the RunPee app lets you know when it's a good time to go, ensuring that you won't miss any important stuff on screen.

With caller ID there's rarely any need to take unwanted phone calls but if, in a moment of weakness or loss of concentration, you pick up the phone and are plunged into a seemingly endless, dull conversation, call on the Fake-An-Excuse app. Pre-loaded with background sounds to bring your 'gotta go' excuses to life, it could end up becoming your saviour.

Angry Birds
This gaming app was something of a phenomenon last year - fire the livid birds of the title at fortresses inexplicably built by evil pigs with the help of a catapult. Frustrating? Yes... addictive? Incredibly.

Sleep Talk Recorder
Is your partner sleep talker? Does she/he continue to deny that their sleepy mumblings disturb your peaceful slumber? No problem - simply download the Sleep Talk Recorder for your iPhone. Vocal noises made during the night are automatically recorded by the app ready for you to laugh at the following morning. And laugh you almost certainly will.

Word Lens
If you regularly travel to foreign climes, this is one app you probably did know you needed. This real-time translation application means you can simply point your smartphone at that confusing Spanish menu and the words will magically transform into your native tongue.

Heard a song but just can't find out what it's called, who it's by or where to get it from? SoundHound can help - just let this free app hear a few seconds of the song you desire and it will let you know what and who.

Have you come across any weird but wonderful apps? Let us know below...
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