How much? Ryanair increases baggage charges for summer

Ruth Doherty

Ryanair has increased its charge for carrying a a piece of checked luggage by £5 - to up to £70 a flight.

Passengers travelling with luggage lighter than 15kg will be charged £20 each way – up from £15, and customers with bags weighing between 15kg and 20kg will be charged £30 each way – up from £25.

The cost of carrying a second bag has also gone up, from £35 to £40 each way.

And, according to the Telegraph, anyone flying to the Canary Islands will be charge an additional £5 each way (£70 return) for any item of checked luggage.

The increases came into effect at the start of June, and will last until 21 September.

Ryanair increases its baggage charges every year for travel during peak summer months, although last year's rises only affected travellers flying in July and August.

A spokesman for the airline said the increases would encourage more passengers to travel without hold baggage, adding that 75% of Ryanair's passengers do not check in a bag.

Hardly surprising!

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