Couple jailed for sex on the beach in Sussex

A couple has been jailed for having sex on the beach in front of dozens of holidaying families.

Lita Dawson and boyfriend Nicholas Harrison, both 51, were spotted on top of each other on Seaford Beach, East Sussex, prompting one five-year-old boy to tell his mother: 'Mummy, that lady was doing push-ups on that man.'

Eastbourne magistrates heard the pair had downed half a bottle of vodka before engaging in hanky panky.

According to the Daily Mail, prosecutor Heather Salvage said: 'They were in full view of everyone and didn't seem to care.

'One lady was at the beach with her son, who was only five, when she became aware they were having sexual intercourse. She tried to shield her son's eyes.

'She said it made her very angry.'

The unemployed exhibitionists were arrested on the spot when horrified parents called the police.

Magdalena Biglou, defending, said Dawson initiated the encounter on 29 April, although both were to blame.

She said: 'There's not much that can be said really. It's quite apparent that their behaviour was was unpleasant, inappropriate and quite disgusting.

'The main instigator was the female. It was the female who was on top of the male.

'He asked Miss Dawson to stop a number of times but his sexual arousal took over.

'He is totally disgusted in himself and his behaviour.'

The court heard the couple have since split up, after Lita Dawson punched him in the face.
They were both jailed for three months.

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