Will the Xbox Kinect end the reign of the remote?

Caroline Cassidy

After years of bickering over the remote control, the fight may soon be over. Computer giant Microsoft has announced an upgrade for Xbox Kinect system that could put the remote out of a job.

Xbox Kinect upgrade
Xbox Kinect upgrade

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Launched last year, the Kinect was the first games console to do away with the controller altogether and, having sold 10 millions units since, has become Microsoft's fastest-selling product.

Now the software giant aims to turn the system into the ultimate home entertainment hub.

With the help of a microphone, TV service, internet connection and search engine, the updated Kinect system will allow consumers to simply tell the Xbox what they want - from websites to live TV.

Microsoft demonstrated their voice control system, with which viewers will be able to access the internet, a library of movies and music videos and live TV without lifting a finger, at the E3 electronic entertainment trade show in Los Angeles.

Film and music-lovers won't even need to know the name of the song or movie they want to see, but will be able to shout out the name of an artist or actor and let the Xbox do the searching.

Marc Whitten, corporate vice president of Xbox Live, said at the show: "You say it, Xbox finds it. To watch live TV, you just say the words 'Xbox live TV'.

"You no longer have to navigate through the menus to find content."

It could mean the reign of the remote control is finally over... but the rows over what to watch on the box could come with a whole new set of problems.

What do you think of the idea of voice-controlled TV? Will you be rushing to upgrade? Leave a comment below...