Honda FRV drivers unluckiest in UK

The Honda FRV has been named as the unluckiest car in the UK, with almost one in five owners making an accident insurance claim in the last five years.

In total, 466 claims were made by 2,529 FRV owners, the highest rate in the country.
Volvo XC90 owners were the next most accident prone, with a claim rate of 15.9 percent, followed by the Lexus RX, with 15.5 percent of owners claiming.

The figures were compiled by online comparison site, and also named which cars were least likely to be involved in a prang. The safest car in the country was the Mazda2, as only nine of 1,076 owners made a claim in the same time period – less than one percent.

But small city cars were not the only ones that were shown to be accident free, as high performance cars like the Ford Focus RS and the Nissan Skyline also managed to keep their claim rate down around one percent.

"Car accidents are rarely a result of mechanical failures: they are more often caused by human error or just bad fortune," said's head of car insurance, Gareth Kloet.

"It could be that drivers of this model happen to be more careless or reckless than other motorists. Or it could simply be that this group of road users has been particularly unlucky in the period when the data was collected."
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