Contortionist thief 'hid in suitcase' to burgle Barcelona airport coach

Ruth Doherty

Spanish police have arrested a contortionist who reportedly smuggles himself in a case onto Barcelona airport coaches so he could burgle the luggage compartment.

An alleged accomplice was also arrested after the man was 'doubled up almost like a contortionist' inside the case.

Police made the discovery after a string of passengers complained of theft on the same shuttle service.

They believe the man was loaded on to the coaches by his accomplice, who would then reclaim him after the 90-minute return trip to Barcelona's Girona airport.

According to the BBC, Catalan police told the AFP news agency: 'Once the trip began, he would get out of the suitcase, search for valuable objects and hide them in a smaller bag he carried with him.'

Spain's el Periodico newspaper reported that a coach company employee noticed a man struggling to put a heavy suitcase in the hold of a coach and alerted the authorities.

Police officers knocked on the case and noticed that it was warm. They opened it up to found the alleged burglar, who was pouring with sweat, while his alleged accomplice had already boarded the coach.

The two men, both Polish citizens, were arrested for the theft of a laptop and a GPS device, while police are seeking to trace other possible burglary victims.

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