Pygmy plunge pool! Baby hippo takes first swim at Whipsnade Zoo

Even when you're a hippo, you still need swimming lessons from mum.

And pygmy hippopotamus calf Sapo went for his first public swim this week - but only very reluctantly.

The nervous calf was led by mum Flora to the water in their enclosure at Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire.

And, proving that he was in no hurry to get wet, it took the 3-month-old youngster more than an hour to build up enough courage to take the plunge - helped along by a gentle nudge from mum.

Sapo is an important addition to the European Endangered Species Programme and for the conservation of this species worldwide.

He's the first born calf to parents Flora and Tapon, and, when he's fully grown he'll be about 1m high and will weigh more than 250kg.


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