Car club brings back Scrappage scheme

The scrappage scheme played a large role in boosting the sale of small cars over 2009-2010, with around 330,000 people taking up the £2,000 incentive offered by the government and carmakers.

Now a car sharing club is looking to create a new version of its own, although the rewards are somewhat smaller at just £200.
In an attempt to guide more people away from having their own car, Trade Your Transport has teamed up with City Car Club and will give you £200 of credit with the car sharing organisation when you scrap your banger.

New customers will join for free and then get £150 of credit, while existing City Car Club members will get £200 of credit. It will allow them to rent a car or van in 14 major cities across the England Scotland and Wales

Trade Your Transport is aiming to get old cars off the road in an attempt to protect the environment, and will offer more rewards that will look to keep people away from buying another car. The site is also hoping to announce more partnerships with bus companies and similar organisations.
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