Video: Two racers taken out by driver's 'retaliation'

Driver Stefan Mucke's moment of hot-headedness put him and a rival racer well and truly out of the running in the GT1 race at Silverstone yesterday.

When Mucke's Aston Martin, car number 8, was nudged into a spin by Richard Westbrook (in car 22) at a corner and managed to hold it together enough to rejoin the race, you would have hoped that was the end of the altercation. But as he pulled past Westbrook's Nissan, limping back to the pits with damage, he decided to demonstrate exactly what he thought of him, leading him to lose control and slam into his rival's car.
The damage from the second incident was a little larger than the first, and both cars were heftily damaged and taken out of the race.

We're quite sure that no driver would intentionally take another out in such a dangerous and self-damaging manner (unless there's a world championship at stake) so it seems more likely that Mucke lost control due to performing a hand gesture that suggested Westbrook rather enjoys his own company.

The crash was large enough to warrant the safety car's arrival and no doubt resulted in a stern talking to for the young German driver when he made it back to his team's garage. Check out the video below:

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