Five stonking mobile phone offers

The huge array of mobile phone deals available can make finding the best value plan for your needs nigh on impossible.

To make life a bit easier, we have therefore scoured the market for some of the most generous offers on the market at the moment - whatever type of mobile user you are.

1. Pay-as-you-go
T-Mobile has introduced three great new plans for new and existing pay-as-you-go customers who top up £10 a month. The plans offer a choice of text, talk or international calling benefits.

The text plan gives the user unlimited free texts to UK mobiles for the following month, plus 100 extra free texts to use straight away the first time he or she tops up £10. The talk plan offers 100 free minutes to UK mobiles and landlines at any time for the following month, plus 25 extra free minutes to use straight away.

And the international plan includes 60 free minutes to overseas numbers for the following month, plus always-low rates on calls and texts from the UK to over 60 countries, whatever he or she tops up.

The company is also giving customers the chance to add on extra talk, text or internet 'boosters' according to their needs.

2. Contract deals
According to comparison website uSwitch, the market-leading contract deals available - for those keen to get their hands on an iPhone 4 anyway - are from Vodafone and 3.

The 24-month Vodafone deal costs just £35 a month and includes 600 minutes of talk time, unlimited texts, 500 MB of internet data and a white 16GB iPhone 4.

The deal that 3 is currently marketing has the same monthly cost and includes 2,000 minutes of talk time as well as unlimited texts and internet data for the 24-month term. You will have to pay £69 upfront for the black 16GB iPhone 4 that comes with the package, though.

3. Sim only
For anyone looking for a sim-only offer, Vodafone seems to be promoting the best deals at the moment.

The best one if you are looking for a short-term sim only deal - ideal for those visiting the country for up to a month and wanting to keep call costs down - the company's one-month sim offer is a great choice,offering as it does 100 minutes of talk time and unlimited texts for just £10.

If, however, you are looking for a longer-term offer, try Vodafone's 12-month deal, also at £10 a month, offering 300 minutes of talk time and unlimited texts.

4. Cashback
If you are interested in getting cashback on your mobile phone deal, then automatic cashback is probably the best way to go - just because it does not depend on you remembering to claim it. The best deals offering this benefit at the moment are from T-Mobile.

Choose between a 24-month deal at £15.32 a month that includes a free black HTC Wildfire S handset, 300 minutes of talk time, 300 texts, 500MB of internet data and £75 automatic cashback, and the same free handset over 24 months with 600 minutes of talk time, 500 texts and 500MB internet data, plus £100 cashback for £25.53 a month.

5. Free iPad
You can get a lot of freebies with mobile phone deals these days. Visit the uSwitch website for details of all the different ones available.

If you want to get hold of a free iPad, though, there are two great options from T-Mobile and O2.

The 24-month offer from T-Mobile at £25.54 a month offers a free black Nokia 1800, 600 minutes of talk time, 500 texts and 500MB of internet data, as well as a 16MB iPad with 3G and £25 cashback (that you have to claim).

Meanwhile, 02's £32 a month, two-year deal with a black HTC Wildfire S (that will cost you £109.99), 300 minutes, unlimited texts, 500MB of internet data and a 16GB iPad with wi-fi and 3G.
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