Skoda unveils wild roadster concept at GTI show

If Audi's dramatic A1 Clubsport concept wasn't enough to convince you how seriously Volkswagen take the tuning show in Worthersee, take a look at what Skoda brought to the party.

Clearly determined that the vRS badge wasn't going to get lost amongst its more illustrious siblings, the plucky Czech brand lopped the top off its Fabia S2000 rally car to reveal a suitably mental looking roadster.

The one-off machine was designed specifically for the show after the brand briefed its designers to create an original roadster which promoted 'dynamism and the joy of sporting driving'.

Joy probably isn't the word we'd associate with being whisked round in the back of the open-topped 200bhp+ tearaway, but there's no doubt the concept has got show presence to spare.

As well as dispensing with the roof, the hand-built show car gets 18-inch wheels, a rear diffuser, extra bonnet scoops, carbon fibre trim and bucket seats upfront.

There's also a twin-turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine up front, and Skoda claims the weight has been kept to a scuttle-shaking 1,200kg.

It goes without saying that this car is not coming to a dealership near you, but it's on show in Austria now if you fancy a long weekend at the world's biggest GTI extravaganza.
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