Video: Golf GTI Edition 35 raises eyebrows

Nic Cackett

Any way you cut it, the Volkswagen Golf GTI is a classic. We love all the cars that have borne the badge (even the slightly rubbish blobby ones) and we're particularly looking forward to the Edition 35 which was unveiled to the public at the Wörthersee tour in Austria today.

We revealed the initial details of the 35 year anniversary special last week, but Volkswagen has stirred the pot a little bit more by explaining that the 232bhp 2.0-litre lump is actually a detuned version of the Golf R's powerplant rather than a beefed up GTI engine.

The manufacturer says it's been 'adapted' for two-wheel drive, but if we were Edition 35 buyers we'd be tempted to get it 'adapted' back to its original 266bhp spec. Either way, Volkswagen has released an orgasmic (you'll see) video to go with the launch. Click below to watch.