The words of God for $10,000

King James BibleIn the beginning was the word, and today that word and the many thousands of others that make up the greatest story ever told were bought for $10,000 by media rights firm One Media. Its purchase of a spoken word version of The Bible means the good book now lines up alongside The Sex Pistols.
The deal means that over 300 hours of both the New and Old Testaments "will be made available through all digital stores that list spoken word products". Expect to see God topping the download charts any day soon. One Media's chief executive Michael Infante certainly does.

Spreading the word

"I didn't expect One Media to 'be spreading the word' but the Bible remains a world best seller," he said, using just the kind of Biblically-inspired turn of phrase that is being used to power this very story. One Media's pre-tax profit last year was £249,732, so recourse to money-lenders was not necessary.

One Media describes itself as a "provider of music and video rights to the music industry, with a strong focus on 'nostalgia' performances'", and it doesn't get much more nostalgic than The Bible. Although anyone wanting to argue that religion ain't what it used to be is welcome to use the comments thread.

The firm's catalogue includes material by The Sex Pistols, whose assertion that "I am an anarchist, I am the antichrist" will probably not form part of a two-for one deal. That Was God's Plan by Edwin Starr, who is also on the One Media roster alongside Tony Christie, Tina Turner and Pavarotti.

Price details

There are no details yet of the price of downloading the spoken-word Bible, although it's certainly going to be cheaper than the $4,000 you could expect to pay for an antique version of the book itself.

No word either of any plans for an interactive iPad version, which would maybe smite down anyone attempting to illegally download it. Or of plans for a mobile app – although some of God's work has previously been available in tablet format.

The whole business of commerce around The Bible is a tricky one. The Book's own terms and conditions, otherwise known as scriptures, specify – in Revelation 13:17 – that "no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. You've been warned.
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