Stag weekends to remember

Traditionally an event that involves plenty of booze and a local pub, organising a stag do to remember takes a little more planning. If you are looking to give your best pal the best possible send-off, here are a few ideas to inspire you.

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If the stag is a man who likes a bit of power, the number of motoring experiences available should offer something to get his blood pumping. From rally driving to stunt driving, supercars to extreme dodgems, petrolheads are well catered for. Groups are welcome and, with prizes and showdowns part of the experience, the lads can let their competitive streaks take over.

Be Bond
For any stags wishing their name was Bond... James Bond, the 007 experience is a must-do. Car chases, shooting, raft building and even an helicopter search and destroy mission (sorry chaps, no actual destroying necessary!) are all part of the day. And what better way to end your Bond experience than with a cocktail... shaken, not stirred.

Football crazy
Fast cars and cocktails not your thing? Why not take the stag to a football game with a difference - human table football pits boys against boys but it'll take teamwork to get the ball in the back of the net... that's if you can stop laughing.

Have a blast in Blackpool
It's not called the Pleasure Beach for nothing. Blackpool has become a popular stag and hen weekend venue and, with heart-stopping fairground rides, casinos, nightlife and activities such as karting and paintballing, it's easy to see why. Pick from a stag weekend package or go for the tailormade variety.

Boys' weekend in Budapest
Stag weekends abroad are also increasing in popularity and for a boys' weekend on a budget, Budapest has plenty to offer. Situated on the River Danube, the nightlife is plentiful and riverside parties make the evenings that little bit more special. There are plenty of activities here too, with shooting, quad biking and even bobsledding potentially on the agenda, not to mention the gentlemen's clubs!

Ibiza bliss
We don't need to tell you why Ibiza is a favourite with best men and their stags. Sun, sea, sand and clubbing mean the island is the perfect place for a last hurrah.

Have you been on a fabulous stag weekend? Let us know what and where below...
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