Are you suffering from workplace burn-out?

Caroline Cassidy

We all look forward to our annual getaway, whether it be a campsite in the UK or the sun, sea and sand of foreign climes. But according to a new study, that two-week holiday each year is no longer enough.

Work stress
Work stress

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The survey by Post Office Travel Insurance found that long hours and heavy workloads are putting serious pressure on many Brits and in order to avoid the resulting stress and illness, we should take a break every 62 days.

A quarter of those polled said the pressure of work left them feeling "desperate" for a holiday every few weeks but 44 per cent went without a holiday for six months or more.

Those who do manage to get away from it all quickly recovered from the stress of the workplace - more than 50 per cent said they were "fully refreshed" after a day or two out of the office, but seven per cent didn't fully forget their work worries until well into the second week of a holiday and four per cent were unable to let go at all.

Experts suggest that many workers are experiencing extra pressure as a result of redundancies.

Cary Cooper, professor of organisational psychology and health at Lancaster University, told the Daily Mail: "Redundancies across the country have led to a fall in numbers of workers in each organisation, but no fall in the workload. As a result, remaining staff are working longer and harder.

"Workers really should take a break every few months otherwise they will burn out, which is bad for them and their employer."

Mr Cooper advised that employees who do not take regular time off become less productive and more prone to mistakes. All very well, but for the majority of British workers getting away from it all six times every year is an impossible task.

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