Maldonado: Hamilton deprived me of points finish

Pastor Maldonado spoke to Autoblog UK about his race and Lewis Hamilton's overtaking manoeuvre.
You're probably one of the more disappointed drivers here today.
Pastor Maldonado: Yes, but there are also positives. The race went well for the team and me. In the end, we were unable to finish the race because of Hamilton, but that's the way it goes in Monaco.

In Barcelona, you were lacking speed, but here things went really well.
That's right. The car is improving step by step. I think the team have done a great job, especially here in Monaco. We need to continue in this direction. We must push on, and hopefully we will be even more competitive in the next race.

You must be satisfied with your own performance too.
Definitely. I didn't make a single error over the whole weekend. The stupid thing is that we missed out on points today – both the team and myself. But that's racing.

Wouldn't it have been better perhaps to let Lewis go past and avoid a collision?
There wasn't enough room for that. Lewis had already shown himself to be fairly optimistic when he made his move on Felipe, and it's simply too difficult to overtake here if you are matched for pace. If you look at the race, you'll see I was faster than Lewis after my last pit stop. It's very difficult to overtake here. To do that, you need to be two to four seconds quicker.

Hamilton was penalised for the collision, but that doesn't help you, does it?
No, because now the race is over.

Has Hamilton apologised to you?
No, and I won't try to discuss the incident with him. That wouldn't serve any purpose.
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