Massa: "Hamilton must be properly penalised, otherwise he will never learn"

Felipe Massa started from sixth on the grid, and at one stage of the Monaco GP, even clawed his way up to fourth. That was until he encountered Lewis Hamilton on lap 32.

"He tried to go past me on the Loews corner where it is impossible to overtake anyway," said an aggrieved Massa.
The Brazilian was particularly annoyed that the McLaren man attempted to put the blame on him, suggesting that Hamilton's driving had been too aggressive on the day: "I don't care what he said on the radio. The things he did today were incredible. And not just with me but with the other drivers as well. In any case, he has to be given a further penalty."

Massa subsequently demanded that the FIA impose a tougher punishment than the drive-through penalty which Hamilton served during the race.

"He must be properly penalised, otherwise he will never learn. When you look at this race, you'll see that he knocked several of his competitors out of it."
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