Sebastian Vettel: I've got nothing to wear

Sebastian Vettel secured his first Monaco win. Autoblog UK buttonholed him after the traditional champagne shower.

Sebastian, you took a big risk, and it paid off. Have you taken it in yet?Sebastian Vettel: This victory is really very special. I think the next few hours are going to be just as exciting as the last couple of hours in the car. I've got to attend the Prince's Dinner at the Sporting Club, and I've got nothing to wear. Jenson asked me earlier if I had a suit and tie here, which is not the case. So if necessary, I'll have to borrow one.

Was it a relief when the red flag came out? Did you think it was all over?
No. I wanted to finish the race. When the red flag comes out, you don't know what's going to happen, whether the race will end or be restarted behind the safety car. It is extremely tricky because you must try to maintain your rhythm, even if nothing is moving. All in all, we did everything just right – we took a big risk and gained a lot.

But it was your decision to pit only once?
The team called me in when I thought we would stay out and then later, I thought we could still win even on a one-stop strategy.
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